Sounds screen
Enter the screen by pressing [6], here is where you load the and you will use in your game.

are the beeps, explosions, lasers, and all kind of sounds in your game, there can be playing many at a time, and have two properties , and .

are used for the background music of your game, or the 'Ready!' and 'Game Over' melodies, and it only plays one at a time. this registers appear as light blue, and have only a property.

To test a sound, press space or double-click on a register. Press Esc to stop all sounds.

You can also replace or delete a sound, and also import or export all sound files into one unique file.

Press [F1] to see other features.
Sound tools and resources
Creating your own sounds is even tougher than creating Sprite Sheets, fortunately there are online tools that can make this task much easier for you, like, this is an incredible online tool where you can create a sound effect in seconds, and exports directly to !

Sounds must be in format to work with ARGS, so if you have your sound files on mp3 or any other audio format you will need to convert them to first, you can find dozen of tools for this on the internet.

The legend says that sound files are always huge in size... but that is not true, and the great thing about this is that you can get a reduced file without using any third party software, here is how.

A free sound editor and a good one too is Audacity

And what if you could have a Google like search engine for sounds?, well, you got it!

Anyway, here you have a compilation of some sound effects so you don't start empty handed.

There are also many resources sites where you can find free royalty sounds:



Partners In Rhyme

Sound FX

Flash Kit


YoYo Games sounds

YoYo Games music

IndieGame Music

Free Music Archive

The Recordist

If you know about a free sound resource site let me know and I will post it here.