Project screen
Enter the screen by pressing [1], is the first screen you will see when you start or load a project, here is a screenshot of what it looks like.

Here is where you define the game general settings, you have a list of properties, let's see them one by one:

is your game name, max. length is 25.

is the game version, usually a code, but you can insert any text, max. length is 25.

your name or company name, max. length is 25.
Gameplay settings
game lives, can be set to infinite.

sets the restart mode after death, this can be set to , so you restart at the last checkpoint reached or the entire stage if no checkpoint is set, or if you want your hero to continue from where you just died.

is your general hero actor for the game, this is used depending on a stage property value, see stage screen help topic to know how.

bombs are the secondary weapon, this includes any secondary event like shields, spins, or whatever, you can disable it if you want to use secondary gun as other primary weapon or to not use it.

used only on games, defines a general gravity value for every actor that has property set to .
General sound settings
tune that plays on "Game Over" message, shown for 5 seconds.

tune that plays on "Ready!" message, shown for 2 seconds, this message is not shown if property is set to .

sound effect that plays on player respawn event.

tune that plays on "Time Up!" message, shown for 3 seconds, this message is not shown if property is set on stage.
Charsets settings
Go here to read more about charsets.

charset used for "Game Over" text.

charset used for "Ready!" text.

charset used for the player score and hi-score labels and values, first define the one for the labels.

charset used for the ranking table, in this order: rank, name and score.
Extra Life
score interval to win an extra life.

sound effect when you get an extra life.
Game End
game stage to jump once the last stage is played, if not set then game ends.