Charsets are the text fonts you use in your game, it's like the Arial, Verdana or Tahoma fonts for PC.

Even if you don't use any text messages in your game ARGS will use it's default Charset for the Score, the Best Ranking table, or the 'Ready!' and 'Game Over' messages.

You can load your custom charset any time, just go to the [1] screen, select menu option and load your custom Charset image file, or select to return to the default charset.

A valid charset is a 256*256 file, divided in two sections:

• Top section that represents 10 rows of ASCII charsets, where each character is a 8*8 pixel icon. The 9th and 10th charsets are used for blinking text.

• Bottom section with three 24*16 pixel icons in a row, the first icon represents the , the second icon represents the secondary weapon (if enabled), usually used for bombs, shields (Phoenix) or spins (1942). The third is not yet used.

Charset map:

Here you have some predefined charsets, just right-click on any of them and then select "save image as" to save it.

Default Arcade

Apple II

Atari 400/800

Atari ST

ZX Spectrum

Amstrad CPC

Commodore 64


Commando (Capcom 1985)

Gun.Smoke (Capcom 1985)