Building and distributing your games
Once you have completed and tested your game as normal is that you'll want to distribute and/or sell it.

For this you will need to have acquired the full version of Arcade Game Studio to have the build-game-file feature activated.

When building your game, an unique file will be generated with all the game data, this file will have a .args extension and will be stored in a folder named "build" in the project folder.

As the .args file is not an executable you will need the game launcher cabinet.exe, so copy your game file into the folder containing cabinet.exe, then launch cabinet.exe to play it.

Take note that cabinet.exe will search for the first .args file in the folder so make shure that there aren't other game files on the folder.

So this means that when you distribute your game you will need to distribute 2 files: your .args game file with cabinet.exe to launch it.

Cabinet.exe can be renamed to your game name if you like, read Cabinet README.txt for more advanced features of cabinet.exe.